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Ness Creates Biography


The most important thing to know about Caleb Ness is that he has always been passionate about drawing trucks and cars. Some of his earliest memories are of drawing trucks. As a high school student, he would spend countless hours drawing trucks and cars for his friends. Having this passion really helped push his path as an artist. He focused his interest in car design at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, MN where his teachers encouraged him to pursue his dreams. His portfolio helped him to receive a scholarship to study transportation design at the famed College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. He discovered that his talent was artist renderings and not the technical/engineering aspects of design. One of his professors, Gil Ashby (at the College for Creative Studies), once told him, "It's not all about just drawing cars. If you want to get better you also need to learn how to draw the human figure as well. Drawing the human form will increase your car drawing skills." Gil was right. Caleb now studies drawing and painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, MN. Some of his earliest influences in design included Truckin’ Magazine. He bought his first issue at age eight. In addition to pouring over the magazine imagery, he studied the designs of many of the custom trucks featured. Applying the principles he has learned and investing free time at his drafting table have helped his artist renderings take on a more professional appearance. Caleb has incorporated photography into his work. Whenever possible, he prefers to do his own photo-shoots so that his renderings take on an original, photorealistic quality. He now works with mixed media and high delivery markers like Prismacolor, Copic and Chartpak to complete his designs. He is a full-time college student and is working toward a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.
A lot of people have commented that drawing cars and trucks must be a favorite hobby of his. The truth is that he approaches his art as far more than a hobby. Being a Transportation Artist is his life-dream, and he loves every minute it! When he is not drawing he can be found at car and truck meets around Minnesota. He continues to create custom renderings of amazing trucks and cars that have not yet been built. He is hoping that a lot of people will want to frame one of his customized truck renderings - or, just the vehicle in their driveways that makes them love being on the road.